Idle mind PART 1

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Creative Writing 101

*This is an excerpt from a short story I made when I was eighteen. I stopped by my old blog and I find it really funny to come across this. I was just killing myself because I totally forgot the ending…oh well, I will probably think of something. I revised some of the cheesy lines  but anyways, just a glimpse of my soft spot, it totally felt weird.

And oh yeah, I think this is my first post in English.


“I’d like to take your picture if you don’t mind.” I heard him say without even looking at him. My mother once told me it’s rude to do that but I guess I was born this way, and what the hell??! This psycho guy is asking for my picture, I’m giving him a short moment to think how creepy that is.
“No,” I said, my eyes still searching songs in my IPOD,”Go away. Its  not polite to ask pictures from strangers.” Oh. How in the hell did I get a Mariah Carey song?
He chuckled. It sounded very sweet in a hollywood kind of way. I looked up and lowered my sunglasses. I automatically positioned it back like being electrocuted in a weird way, this guy is hot. He’s reeking of unwanted emotional attachment. It’s like falling in love with a very expensive strappy stilletos that you can’t buy because you’ll end up eating crackers and walking 50 kilometres everyday to work until you get your next paycheck.
“I’ll pay you.” he said.
“I’ll pay you to leave me alone, mister.” I snapped. Ok, so not because he’s moviestar quality doesn’t mean he can get away with a very tacky attitude.
“Geez, you know I can take pictures of you without telling you. You know that right? But instead, I came running here and ask your permission because I really think its not very decent to take pictures of people without telling them first.” the way he delivered his lines makes me feel stupid and I don’t like it when people do that no matter how hot they are.
“Go shoo. I’m not interested. I have two children, I killed my last husband.” I said sarcastically.
“Oh, wow. I’m not hitting on you. You’re not my type.” he responded, still chuckling.
“Good for me, then. Not a big fan of stalkers, really.” Don’t be sarcastic with me, I invented sarcasm, pretty boy with great abs.
“Where you staying?,” he asked sitting beside me. I panicked. I don’t see him ready to let go of the conversation.
“None of your business. Listen, is this your idea of small talk, I’m sorry but you are starting to creep me out.” I said while putting my stuff in my beach bag. I searched for security but this is a private beach, security is a bit far from where I am right now, alone with this hot DEXTER character. Well, if he try to touch any of my body parts, I can shout for help I guess. I can see people not far from us picking up sea shells.
He laughed. “I know what you’re thinking. I will not strangle you or something, tho I really feel like doing it.”
I automatically stood up pulling the sheet beneath him. He stood up facing me. “Not in this lifetime, maybe?” he smiled and walked away.
I searched for my cellphone and dialled Rachel’s number.
“I thought this is an exhibitionist free place??What the hell, Rachel?!” the creepiness is starting to sink in.
“Huh? I don’t understand.” she said.
“I met a really creepy guy just now. I thought this place is very private?”
“It is. Where the hell are you anyway?”
“Well,” I paused for a moment, “I think I’m on the other side of the hotel.”
“Get away from there. Its fucken private property. You’re trespassing. Don’t try swimming in there, water is shark infested.”

  1. AC says:

    bwahahhahaha!!!!!!!! 😀

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