The Tale of The Three Brothers – (The Legend of Corruption)

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Creative Writing 101, ironic endings, Life, miarmiar-isms

There was once an old town, I don’t know where but probably in the Visayan region where tales of big tree like creatures exist.

Along with it,  there were speculations that the main existence of these creatures are connected with a powerful anting-anting that holds great wonders.  The town folks have tried different approaches and strategies to get hold of this anting anting but no one can get passed by this big tree guarded by a ginormous KAPRE.

And so here’s how  the three brothers get into the picture.  The first attempt to get the anting anting was made by the first brother but was not able to make his way back home. Few years had passed and still there was not a single sign of the first brother. In a desperate attempt to possess the said powerful anting-anting, the second brother journeyed to the woods but like what happened to the first one,  he was not able to come back home. The third brother waited in what seemed like an eternity until finally he decided to follow his two forgotten brothers, with the same longing to get hold of the powerful anting anting.

After three days of a quest full of perils, the third brother stood upfront a big oak tree and in it sat the mythical creature with its bloodshot raging eyes.

” I came here to defeat you,” the third brother said with all the courage left in his heart.  The monster mounted from the tree to take a closer look to his challenger. It was then that the third brother realized that the anting-anting was just dangling beneath the monster’s chest.  After what seemed like hours, they battled in the woods until finally the thrid brother succeeded in killing the monster.  In his hands, he got hold of the powerful anting-anting, his head drowning in the momentum of his victory. In an attempt to prove his glory, he planned to cut the head of the monstrous beast to take it with him.  As he cut the head of his opponent, a strange thing happened.  He shouted in agony as his body slowly transformed into the creature he just killed.

In a quick moment, he became the monster. The anting anting etched in his chest.. he crawled into his resting place.. waiting for the next challenger that will end his misery.

  1. plaridel says:

    dapat three brothers and a sister. kawawa naman yung nasa malacanang pag di mo isinali.

  2. enjoy says:

    kaadikan na naman ito kells. ang lakas pa naman ng imagination ko. hahaha!

  3. @ AC: pweeeeeeede! alamat pala to ni Tiagong Akyat, Nardong Putik.. at hindi ko alam yung isa.. sino nga yun?

    Trudis Liit?

  4. AC says:

    anak ng tokwa ka naman kellie. si gerald anderson ba to tsaka si coco martin at jolo revilla, the anting-anting boys? wahahhaa

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