Rumor Has It

Posted: September 24, 2010 in bitch fit, daot, miarmiar-isms, WDS (writing down shit)

I have a very high tolerance in gossips and small talks.

I don’t mind when people ask me personal stuff. Truth is I enjoy being asked. It makes me feel that I matter in some way whether big or small- I never really care. It’s just that these past days- it’s ticking me off.

I dismiss gossips. Gossips can’t dismiss me.

So once and for all- I wish these people to move on with their lives and start growing beard..I don’t give a damn.

Within my circle of friends, out in the office:

Rumors are out that I am dating a younger guy. One person posted it in FB and had a real good time putting me as a blind item. Status says “Sino tong da hu na daig pa ang highschool teenager kung makadikit sa isang cute na bagets?” Then, people started putting their nosey comments and one source confirmed it was me.

Here’s my 2 cents:  You’re ugly. I may be older but you look twice as old as me. You may have boobs but most guys wish you’re just boobs. You don’t have class. And it hurts my ego that I’m putting you on my blog. You may have above average sense of humor but you can’t flaunt that in malls. So don’t ask your friends why you’re still single and don’t take it out on me why I get the good looking younger guys within my radar, it just means something. I don’t expect you to understand because that attention that I am getting now.. you will never experience in your lifetime, bitch.

In the office, my working place:

Rumors are out that I am dating a younger guy reporting under me. One person said to take it easy, enjoy the moment but don’t get hurt in the process. One boss asked if I am still single. The others gossip that I have favoritism and that I always make ways to make things easier for this guy. Each move is being watched, criticized and questioned. A friend said I have a critical role in the office, that’s just how it is. Every pictures posted in FB is examined, inquiries are out in the open. The never ending conclusions prevail. The bosses give unsolicited pieces of advice to be careful not to taint my reputation- that I completely understand.

Here’s my take: I may play an important part in the organization but I AM NOT A CELEBRITY. Geez.

As the song goes, IT’S MY LIFE. Whether I date the guy  while being in a relationship or not- it’s my choice. I dodge questions because I don’t owe anyone an explanation. I never deteriorate in my job, I always exceed expectations. That’s all that matters. If at some point, I offended someone- that’s a problem that I need to deal with. ALONE. If I get too close with someone and posted the pictures in FB- it’s my account. If he has feelings for me- that’s his problem. If I reciprocate- that’s mine. If the feeling is mutual – WE WILL ADDRESS IT. Bottom line is, it’s just me and him. No one else.

At the end of the day, if things get messy – I’m the only one left to clean it up that’s because it’s my own mess.

Not yours.

Not your neighbors.

Not my neighbors.

Just fucken mine.

So shut the hell up already and mind your own fucken life.

  1. Jhen says:

    Ang taray mo teh but I so like it! 🙂

  2. AC says:

    ganyan talaga pag mga panget. inggit sila kase di sila napag-uusapan.

    • @AC: Korek. Apparently, there are bigger things in my life right now that need my time and attention. Pathetic Losers, as I label them. Kelan ba naman ako nawala sa spotlight, always there.. sana ma-share ko sa kanila ng hindi naman sumama ang loob. Nyeta.

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