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Posted: February 12, 2011 in miarmiar-isms

My imaginary therapist said that in order to veer away from stress, I should always find time to count the good things that I take for granted on a daily basis.

Ok.. that sounds like BS. I must find the decency of really hiring a good therapist other than myself. Since I cannot find the time to comb my hair in between my destructive stressful schedule, I decided to count them on a weekly basis. If I do this on a daily basis, my blackberry will explode.


This is the highlight of my week. This week, one of my subordinates was fired. The previous week was very stressful because of the proceedings and the hearings that took place to polish a TERMINATION memo. Although, the dismissal of this employee caused quite a turbulence on my place of work, come FRIDAY everything was back to normal. Or so I thought.

I was liberated from a shitload of crappy excuses and dramatic exits that has been happening for quite some time, and for 2 glorious minutes I stood there in silence as I watch her being escorted out of our call floor.

I slept like a baby on a warm Wednesday afternoon. Finally.


My mom is healthy and not complaining of other mundane things because my dad sent her money. Thank God for responsible fathers like the one I have. Most of all, whoever coined the idea of CASH PADALA is a genius.

Tomorrow marks my 36th week of singlehood. I am happy that things are getting easier every minute of the day. Men, however single I may be will always be constant in my life. I can’t live without them. I guess that’s a reality that every girl fears to admit. Well.. I’m not most girls. On a lazy Sunday morning, I still wish to be with someone to indulge with stimulating conversations and non-stop cuddling. I still fantasize of being with someone that will compliment me no matter how imperfect I can be on any given day and someone that I can compliment not for ego boost but because I am deeply madly in love with the person. In my twisted universe, such guy exists.. in reality, I hope one will. I guess I will continue to sit it down for a while and just be with myself until the time comes to be with a guy again.

I may not be in a relationship right now but someone takes care of me in a way most partners would do. And for me that’s enough.. until I’m ready.

‘Nuff said.