Collapsed Dog, New Laptop and What Else??

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Life, miarmiar-isms

I am feeling smart today. My dad sent me the much awaiting birthday gift- my HD laptop.. finally.

But then there’s that edgy feeling since yesterday after my dog collapsed and my sister had to revive him. I just went out with my soon to be boyfriend to get something at the gasoline stop when my mum sent me a text message asking me to go home.. well they thought he swallowed something and he went on cardiac arrest. When i got home, he was ok.. wagged his tail and went on howling in heat. My theory is that he might have suffered from heat stroke as I needed to leave him in the other room because my guy was on the other room watching Little Fockers.. he has some kind of weird dog phobia.. whatever the term is. I know in some books the notion reeks of something unlikely of mr. righteousness but I’m ok with that. I wonder what they say on people that are alektrophobic.

Anyways, back to the horror of reality. I will be going back to work tomorrow. Same old piece of hell. I wonder how it’s been there after my 3 days of vacation. I wish things are normal like how I left them. I did not dare to open my email at work while still at home nor check my blackberry messages. It’s too early to be smothered by endless tasks of do this and do that. I told my boss I’m going on a vacation trip but really I didn’t plan for anything fancy.. I honestly just went out with SOYA and hang around the house with him. We watched a bunch of movies (most of them, I didn’t see the ending because I occassionally close my eyes and meditate), I hope he didn’t get pissed when I fell asleep in the middle of WORLD BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, that’s a decent 200 bucks going down the drain on him. But I’m pretty sure he was awake when I puke out as we watch the credits roll in RED RIDING HOOD. Gosh, TWILIGHT producers or whoever, please have the decency to create new ideas and stop living the TWILIGHT dream.. it’s seriously annoying. I honestly thought you guys borrowed Jacob at the end of the movie. That’s plagiarism.

But here’s what I really like- SEASON OF THE WITCH but I think the ending is just overkill-anything other than that is plain freaky. You know how it is when the movie is really good but then the ending just ruined it and the scriptwriting suddenly fluctuated into a load of crappyness?? I had my mum watched it only to find out how mad she is the next morning because Nicolas Cage and that Hellboy dude sacrificed their lives for the triumph of good versus evil (they are probably implying of putting an end to exorcisms and such but then Linda Blair happened and they died in vain). Spoiler alert, everyone 🙂 My mum hates it when the lead casts die in movies like how Brad Pitt was scorched in TROY, I let her watch it just for fun years ago and she went ballistic on me. Don’t blame her, she’s a big fan of the undefeatable Steven Seagal.. name  one movie of him where he died, scorched or  bruised and I’ll send you my new laptop.

Enihu, I’m just trying this baby and I started blabbering on this entry. Sorry that you need to go through all of that. I know right? Who cares???



  1. AC says:

    Wewwww.. You’re sow konyo naman Kelleh. 😀

  2. plaridel says:

    hahaha! i think i’m like your mom. i hate sad endings. that’s why i couldn’t bear to watch ‘million dollar baby’ and ‘man on fire’ again.

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